Great Dane Rescue Midwest needs our help asap!

Scott at Great Dane Rescue Midwest just received a call from McHenry County who has 17
of the Great Danes taken from the Messina’s home.  The judge ruled that 4 will go to a
person who was able to prove they belong to her, however as of 5pm tonight (11/5) if the
Messina’s do not provide the bond (it’s huge so we don’t expect this to happen) the other 13
become the possession of McHenry County who needs to get them into homes immediately.  
They just took in 91 animals from a hoarder in Bull Valley; birds, cats, dogs.

Here is how we can help:  If anyone can find room to take even just one for 3 - 4 weeks -
GDRM will provide food and cover Vet expenses.  GDRM will start making appointments
tomorrow morning and have 3 at a time taken down to Pine Bluff for arthroscopic
Spay/neuter and Stomach Tack, up to date of Rabies, Heartworm, etc. after which time they
will be ready to go which means some will be available as early as next week.  We believe
they range in age from a few months old up to several years old.  This group is in much
better health then the 9 malnourished girls GDRM has been taking care of right now.  
Although their might be a couple needed orthopedic eval or surgery.  They are of normal
weights and if they are like the other they have nice personalities.  There are people who’ve
been inquiring about adoption so that part should not take long either but McHenry County
realizes Scott would be better at placing a Great Dane properly so they would prefer he be
the one to do this.

Scott came to me with this request because it’s important they go into homes that have Great
Dane experience. These are untrained, we have no history and could use your help in
evaluating as well.  If you have a kennel area that would probably be best.  We do not
believe they would be high maintenance.  I applaud Scott and GDRM for offering to cover the
expense of the Stomach tack and spay/neuter, etc. in excess of $600 per dog - this all has
been made possible because of all the support they have been receiving since this whole
crisis started and you can imagine they will continue to need support monetarily as well.

If anyone can help please provide name and contact info to my email address: